Friday, April 22, 2011

Is Your Fairy Status In Jeopardy!

Linda, our Morning Water the Garden Elf, checked yesterday and the garden was still moist from the previous day's watering.  The cool weather is somewhat reducing our workload.  Elf Linda reports the babies are fine, growing like weeds... I mean plants! 

We are still in need of a Fairy Godmother or Godfather to help us with the materials to complete our last two beds.  Are you about to lose your Wish Granting Fairy status? Are you in jeopardy of having your Wand revoked and your Fairy Dust suspended?  Are there any Fairy Godmothers or Godfathers out there who need Good Deed Continuing Education credits in order to keep their license to wand?

We would be glad to help you keep your Fairy status in tact and your wands spewing dust!  5 bags of mushroom compost, a bottle of Fish emulsion and a few tomato cages and stakes, are high on our list.  Any contribution will bring you current on your dues.   

If your wand has already been suspended, come and help us weed, rake, hoe and plant.  You may earn enough Containing Education credits to restore your privileges.  

Leave a comment and one of Gordon’s Gardeners will contact you.   

Gordon says THANKS!!

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