Monday, April 18, 2011

Cherry Tomato Plants Are Blooming!!!

Sun Gold
Sarah and I watered the beds after the Press Conference.  I pulled the dead leaves and suckers off of the tomato plants. Suckers are the branches of a tomato that grow out of a leaf axil, where the leaf meets the stem.  A leaf AXIL is the angle between the upper side of a leaf or stem and the supporting stem or branch.  (Not bad 'Mater language for a city girl!)  

Isis Candy

The lettuce and tat soi are looking good.  We will probably have a lettuce harvest in the next two weeks!  

Green Tint Patty Pan Squash

The Green Tint and White Patty Pan squash are coming up. 

Crosby's Egyptian Beets
The beets are peeking through

  Green Bush Beans 



The green Bush Beans are awesome!  We will plant more in our last two beds!

Keep checking in!  We have to prep and plant out last two beds by FRIDAY!  Any new gardeners out there want to help?

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