Sunday, April 24, 2011

Growth Spurt... Reaching Toddler-Hood

Boy, when I said rainwater was an elixir, I didn't realize how potent it could be!  Our garden is lush, green and growing!  Sarah and I were there on Thursday evening.  Things looked really good so, we didn't water.  We didn't get to the garden on Friday or Saturday.  Sunday, were we SUPRISED! 

The tomato plants are no longer babies, they have reached toddler-hood!  They grew at least 3-4 inches taller and have grown fat little stems since Thursday.  Both the cherry tomatoes and the determinant tomatoes have blossoms! 

Sad news, we lost three sunflower plants.  We also lost two tomato plants and two are struggling but all others look good.  The toddler tomatoes really NEED some Fish Emulsion,($11.00 at Lowe's) and  If the tomatoes continue to grow at this rate we will also need at least 10 tomato stakes and 14 tomato cages very, very soon!

The sweet and hot peppers have grown 2-3 inches and all are bright green and bushy!

The squash beds are growing.  The cukes are coming along.  The beets are still little slow but new leaves sprout through every day! 

The lettuce and tat soi bed is full, Lettuce soon!!

Thanks to Linda and Lisa for watering the babies last week! 

Thanks to Uncle Donald!  He called today and offered to get into our watering rotation.  He also wants to help us plant out last beds.  Speaking of beds, we are still in need of 6 bags of Mushroom compost to finish our prep work. 

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