Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gordon Needs a Hand

Sarah, Terry and I stopped by the garden after we went to the Earth Day event at the museum. We watered all of the beds.  The squash are poppin' up all over the bed and the beets are multiplying!  There are cucumber sprouting up where there was dirt yesterday.  It seems things grow overnight. 

The tomatoes need food, they like Fish emulsion.  Does anybody want to sponsor, Feed a Tomato Plant? We will name the plant after you!!
The lettuce and tat soi look good.  We may have a harvest in the next two weeks.  Check out the homemade salad dressing recipe page on the blog for some delicious alternatives to store bought.

We are hoping for rain,  hope with us!

Our last two beds need to be planted by Friday.  We need 6 bags of mushroom compost and a bag of peat moss to complete preparing the beds. We also need some help planting the last seeds.

Sarah, Barbara, Lisa and I will not be at the garden on Saturday.  We will be at a workshop on the Scf Organic Farm in Sumter.  If you can work on Saturday, contact me and let me know.

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