Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out, darn'd weeds! out, I say!

Thanks to Tractor Supply Co. in Irmo for their donation to the garden.  We got 12, 6 foot bamboo tomato stakes, a garden fertilizer sprayer and three packages of seeds, 2 marigolds and 1 Chives.  We must name a bed for Tractor Supply Co.and make sure they get pictures.

Thanks to Priscilla, Mr. reed and JC at the Lowe's in Harbison.  Lowe's donated 2 bags of peat moss, 3 bags of mushroom compost and 12 pair of garden gloves.  We can finish bed 5 and start on bed 6 thanks to them.  Another bed, named for Lowe's!

Gordon met a new friend, Dean Chanter, last evening!  Dean was out tending his garden when we got there.  He is known as the Food Dude in Cola,  He is a personal chef and he is interested in working with us, cooking with the kids and recipes!  We have video, but…  I need a few minutes to figure out how to post it!!  Thanks Dean!
Annette, Barbara and Sarah, tat soi on the ground
Annette, Barbara and Sarah weeded the lettuce and squash beds last night.  The weeds proliferate... we need a concentrated effort to get rid of them this weekend.   Look at that beautiful  tat soi on the far end!  I braised some for dinner last night and boy, was it good.  Can't wait for our harvest!!
The lettuce will be ready to harvest this weekend.   Have you tried one of the dressings on our recipe page yet?

Heirloom Sun Gold, Green Zebra and Cherokee Purple
The plants we got from Mr. Mustafa have come alive.  Ingenuity was the keyword to our ‘staking’ process! Bamboo, knitting yarn… you can imagine the rest!   We need to finish the job this weekend.  

Heirloom Green Zebra and Cherokee Purple

Some of our tomato plants are at least a foot tall.  The sun Gold cherry tomatoes are full of blossoms!   Some of our Heirloom indeterminate plants were bending over.  We MUST get some cages or we are at risk for losing them.    

Heirloom Rutgers

Our Heirloom Rutgers, determinant tomatoes, are blossoming as well..

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