Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dancin' in the Street... Garden

Annette, Sarah and I stopped by the garden after seeing Martha and the Vandellas at Finley Park.

The babies are growing, they are Dancin' in the  The green beans, some of the squash and beets had Nowhere to Run so, they have burst through the soil, stretching their little leaves for the sun!  The cukes are a little slow, but like a Livewire, they will warm up and they will catch up soon.   

Please stop by and see them grow, soon you will have to Come Get These Memories in order to look and see how small they were.

We didn't water because the weather is cool.  We will check tomorrow, but it will take a Heatwave for the ground to dry out before then.  

The Tomatoes are standing tall!  We will need to stake the ones we got from Mr. Mustafa as soon as possible and we will need tomato cages for the others as well.  

Both the sweet and hot peppers are nice and green and shiny! 

Good work all and THANKS!!!!! 

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