Thursday, September 8, 2011

Starting to Plant For Fall!!

Fall planting!!!  We plan to have 2 ½ beds of lettuce and we will fill the rest with veggies!

Bed 1 Buttercrunch, Red Sails and Tat Soi

On August 5th we planted Buttercrunch, Red Buttercrunch and Red Sails Lettuce.  We also planted the Tat Soi seeds we saved from the lettuce we planted last spring. 

Romaine and Red Romaine

We also planted  12 lettuce 9 Red Romaine Lettuces.  We will fill out this bed with Mesclun lettuce mix.  We look forward to lettuce by the end of September. 

Bed 3 Four Georgia Collards up front. 

 Linda Planted a bed of lettuce form the seeds we saved from the spring plantings.  We also have four of our Georgia Collards planted in the front of the bed. The two green plants on the middle right and the left rear corner are "Volunteers" left over from Spring!!

Bed 4 Broccoli Collards up front, Georgia Top Collards in back

Along with the Lettuce we planted two types of collard greens

Bed 5 Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli
We have 16 Brussels Sprouts plants and 8 Broccoli.  Can't wait for the first Roasted Brussels Sprouts... YUMMMMMM!!! (The tall plant in the back is our Okra.  It is still producing and we hope to have Okra until the first frost.) 

Bed 5 Close up of Okra Plant

Bed 6Basil bush, Red and Green Cabbage, Watermelon

The Basil and the watermelon grew like wild fire after we prepped the beds with "Compost" material on August 6.  The Red and Green Cabbage are in the rows up front. We plan to plant more Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts when we take the Watermelon Vines up.  

Bed 6 Crimson Sweet

Bed 6Missouri Heirloom Yellow Watermelons
We will be planting more throughout September, look to hear how we are doing on Monday!!

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