Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Second Planting!!

Our garden is doing GREAT!!!!  We lost a few lettuces, collard and cabbage plants but... we have replaced them and look forward to a plemtiful and abundant harvest.

Bed 2, red sails and romaine!

The Lettuce should be ready in the next two weeks and if they are anything like the spring, I cant wait!!! Behind what looks like a tree at the back of the bed, we will plant some Mesculn lettuce mix.  The 'Tree"  is an African Blue Basil Plant that has attracted every 'BEE' in Columbia to our garden.

Red cabbage, Basil and Watermelon, OH MY!!!
The Collards, broccoli, Brussels sprouts will be ready for Thanksgiving.  I will begin posting recipes for healthy, but good, Thanksgiving dishes soon.

The Watermelons will not have time to fully ripen before the frost so... we will be pulling them up.  Don't fret, We will plant more Collards, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, OH MY!!!!

We also want to plant spinach and Swiss chard and stagger the planting of our greens so that we will have them through the new year!

Check out our salad dressing page for delicious, healthy dressings and and if there are any late eggplant or peppers, check out that recipe page and FIRE UP THE GRILL!!!!!

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