Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Taste of Fall!

The City of Columbia went all out in presenting A Taste of Fall from the NOMA garden on Sunday, November 6, 2011. The rains could and did not dampen the spirit of comradery and cooperation felt by all.

The food was fantastic! The Platinum Pomegranate provided and served, Eggplant Tapenade, broccoli salad, vegetarian collard greens, sweet potato soup, turkey vegetable soup, tomato soup, and sweet potato soufflé.

Chocolate cake, carrot cake and brownies, with and without nuts, were provided by the High Heeled Homemaker.

Ed Brogdon of Back to Eden wowed us all with Blueberry, Strawberry and Rainbow Vegetable smoothies.  You really did not know you were drinking your vegetables! He also brought some smokin’ Stand Up-In-It chili that was awesome.

The food was great, the fellowship was priceless. Allison Baker expressed the City’s thanks and its pleasure in our garden and the City Community Garden program as a whole. Sarah Watson, the Richland County representative of The Greater Columbia Community Relations Council, pledged to take news of NOMA and the City’s Community Garden program back to the Council and seek ways to encourage the Council to become involved in this effort. Jacqueline Williams gave us a brief history of the development of the City Community Garden program and a encouraged us to look to what we should be working towards next year. Fred Monk spoke on behalf of the NOMA Garden and expressed the pleasure we all have discovered in our gardening experience.

We also had visitors. Friends of our gardeners came by, families stopped by with their kids, senior couples dropped in, and people who were walking or driving by, stopped and strolled through. Gordon was there too! The people I got to speak with were amazed at the gardens and all asked how they could participate.

The media was there, not only taking pictures and interviewing people, but joining us in the Feast and festivities as well.

This event was enjoyed by all and the city is looking forward to presenting A Taste of Spring!

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